Dugnad Days team

Dugnad Days is a collective of place strategists, architects and artists who from 2019 have teamed up with the municipality of Bjerke and residents of Sletteløkka

The Dugnad Days Team are a part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project Dugnad Days.

Drawing on the Norwegian concept of “dugnad”, the ongoing participatory community project at Sletteløkka in Oslo consists of a series of events with residents, local authorities and professionals working together, strengthening the neighbourhood identity.
Preparations over two years to create a much requested community house in 2021 saw an increase in local engagement and interaction, and the resulting converted building itself is a manifestation of the joint neighbourhood effort, with a façade designed through collaboration with 39 local teenagers working with artists. An extension to the community house is now planned, reusing materials of the old Japanese house exhibited in the Japan pavilion at last year’s Venice Architecture Biennale.

Dugnad Days is a collective of place strategists, architects and artists who from 2019 have teamed up with the municipality of Bjerke and residents of Sletteløkka. Names in alphabetical order below:

• Lucy Bullivant PhD Hon FRIBA is a place/engagement strategist, curatorial director and award-winning author.

• Alexander Eriksson Furunes PhD is an architect focusing on dugnad as an architectural practice.

• Gabriela Forjaz is an artist and graphic designer working with painting, sculpture and street art.

• Ryoko Iwase is an assistant professor at Kyoto University and the president of studio IWASE.

• Mattias F. Josefsson is a photographer and an architect teaching at AHO.

• Kozo Kadowaki PhD is an architect and associate professor at Meiji University.

• Sudarshan V. Khadka Jr. is an architect specializing in collaborative design processes.

• Toshikatsu Kiuchi is an architect and associate professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology.

• Maria Cau Levy is a designer, architect and researcher, working between theory and practice.

• Trygve Ohren (architect) and Charlotte Rostad (artist) runs a collaborative artistic practice, they are founders of the exhibition space RAKE in Trondheim.

• Tuomas Laitinen is a performance artist based in Helsinki.

• Carolina Jinde a sound artist based in Stockholm.

• Maria Årthun is an architect, currently working at TAG arkitekter.



Lucy Bullivant, Alexander Eriksson Furunes & Lars Eivind Bjørnstad, on behalf of Bydel Bjerke: Lars Eivind Bjørnstad, Kari Hilde Nordengen and Arild Sørum

Sletteløkka Grendehus committee: Dusan Dislioski, Heshmat Hakimelahi, Tron Hummelvoll, Ifrah Mohammed, Inger Lise Høst, Anne Berit Indreberg and Anne Marte Aasen.

Dugnad Days team: Lucy Bullivant, Alexander Eriksson Furunes, Maria Årthun, Sudarshan V. Khadka Jr, Mattias F. Josefsson, Ryoko Iwase, Kozo Kadowaki, Toshikatsu Kiuchi, Carolina Jinde, Tuomas Laitinen, Gabriela Forjaz, Maria Cau Levy, Trygve Ohren, Charlotte Rostad.