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Dugnad Days roundtable

Exploring how participatory community activities support neighbourhood identity and amenity at Sletteløkka in Oslo, more widely in Scandinavia and across the world

  • This event is finished
  • Location: The former Edvard Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
  • Contributors:  Dugnad Days team  
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Dugnad Days - exhibited in the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022 - is an ongoing participatory community project staged in Sletteløkka, Oslo, with the neighbourhood’s residents, local council Bydel Bjerke and a team of architects, artists and engagement strategists.

This ongoing grassroots initiative demonstrates the value of creative relationships and bonds forged as part of community collaboration to realise much needed social infrastructure to help cultivate neighbourhoods’ future identities as diverse and thriving places of shared value. Dugnad Days’ approach to community engagement draws on the Norwegian concept of ‘dugnad’, reimagines project governance as a shared participatory process and supports the building of Sletteløkka’s neighbourhood identity and amenity for its residents.

Our roundtable explores in depth how the Sletteløkka community collaboration model has been evolved. What are the challenges and opportunities of working together on shared spaces to nurture their social value for residents? What is the impact? What is your view? How can participatory community work creating social infrastructure for residents be given a higher priority by more municipalities?

We have invited participants from Sletteløkka and others working on the project, along with some guest specialists. Join us to find out more, and have your say.


The goals, processes and lessons of participatory community collaboration for new social infrastructure at Sletteløkka. Welcome by Lucy Bullivant, Dugnad Days team. Sletteløkka Grendehus, short film by Bydel Bjerke. Q&A with Lars Fuglesang, Mayor, Bydel Bjerke district, Alexander Eriksson Furunes and Maria Årthun, Dugnad Days team; Q&A with participating resident Heshmat Hakimelahi, Sletteløkka Grendhus Committee, and group discussion with speakers including participating resident Hamdi Ali, chaired by Lars Eivind Bjornstad, Project Leader, Bydel Bjerke, and Alexander Eriksson Furunes; Questions and feedback from the audience. Welcome in English; session in Norwegian.


Networking break


A critical focus on best practice in participatory community work locally and globally. Ragnild Olaussen, Programme Leader, Bydel Bjerke, will start by summarising the first session. Short presentations by Makoto Isono, Dugnad Days team, and Anisha Jogani, Placemaking, Croydon Urban Room team. Group discussion with speakers, Alex Eriksson Furunes, Dugnad Days team, and Christian Pagh, Director and Curator, Oslo Architecture Triennale, chaired by Lucy Bullivant. Questions and feedback from the audience. We round off by summarising the roundtable findings, and providing clear and inspiring takeaways. Session in English.