Panel discussion Launch

Neighborhoods and communities in the compact city

Book launch! NABOLAG: AHO's urban studies #3

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  • Location: Gamle Munch, Tøyengata 53
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    Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo

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The compact city is the prevailing model for housing construction and urban development in Oslo. The ideal is the dense, multifunctional city as Jane Jacobs described it in the 1950s, which is recognized as both environmentally and economically sustainable. What about social sustainability? What kind of neighbourhood is being built? Which communities do the new urban areas facilitate?

We'll discuss problems and solutions.

Anthology book launch, "Neighbourhood: AHO's urban studies 2022", written by the students at AHO's Executive Master's in Urbanism.


Welcome v/Oslo Architecture Triennale

Introduction: The neighbourhood and the compact city, the evening's topic and title of book by Lisbet Harboe (AHO)

Input on shortcomings, challenges and solutions: "Neighbourhood: Yes to a large park in Nydalen" by Torger Kjeldstad

"'Startblokka', The high-rise at Linderud, Oslo as a model for neighborhood building" by Hildegunn Gutvik (Agenda Rådgivning)

"Neighbourhood in the compact city: yesterday's and future's urban planning" by Sigrid Furuholt Engelstad (Asplan Viak)


Moderator: Ulf Bakke (AHO)


Maren Bjerkeng (Aspelin Ramm)

Erling Dokk Holm (NMBU/AHO)

Hilde Sponheim (LPO architects)

The book can be purchased for 160 NOK at the event and then at AHO's reception.

From 26 August it will be possible to download a digital version from AHO's website/library.