Spireverket NO

Spireverket is a work training and activisation project where untrained people can learn design and craft from professionals

Exhibited outside the former Edvard Munch Museum, Spireverket is a part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project Lohavn – a new social space on Oslo’s seafront.

Starting spring 2022, Spireverket have been working on creating a new social space for young people at Lohavn, a hidden gem along the seafront of Oslo, next to the popular area of Sørenga. Spireverket, idealistic architecture collective MakersHub’s self initiated project for work training, works through exploring and testing to increase the employability skills within the fields of design and crafts, for young adults who are not in school or have a job.

The young adults of Spireverket have participated with youth to identify what is needed in order to create a good place for them, an insight making for useful advice for the further development of Lohavn. Their contribution to the exhibition at the Oslo Architecture Triennale has been formed by the young adults in Spireverket, bringing with them the value foundation created at Lohavn into the former Edvard Munch museum, to an exhibition installation designed to be explored.


Lohavn – havnefrontens nye møteplass shows MakersHubs ongoing participation work in the Lohavn area of Oslo’s seafront, creating a place for and with young people with the project Spireverket.

Olav Sætershagen, project manager Spireverket
Marie Hoelseth, project coordinator Spireverket
Tiril Nørgaard Breili, workshop master Spireverket
Nicolas Ibaceta, workshop master Spireverket
Young adults in Oslo between the age of 18-25

Illustrationorkestra 17