Søstra100 NO

Søstra100 works with architecture projects, but also many other things. They often collaborate with other brothers and sisters

Søstra100 is a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood: (Re)forming Communities with the project Organotopia – Everything can be Remade.

How are individual and collective habits and stories mediated in a public square? How do we even read a place? The artistic and architectural practice Søstra100 explores these questions as part of a rich collaborative effort, exploring and reimaging the iconic park Birkelunden in the Oslo neighbourhood of Grünerløkka.

The office worked as set-designers and architects for Organotopia, a 12 hour cross-disciplinary concert, artwork and urban performance event as part of the Ultima festival in September 2022, initiated by composer Nils Henrik Asheim. Both the process and the design result is documented in their exhibited work at the Triennale. One part of the work shows everyday stories and observations from the neighbourhood’s historic park over a year – Søstra100 has translated personal accounts into drawings. Furthermore they have created a series of expressive furniture and an entire scenographic universe.

Organotopia – Everything can be Remade
connects imaginations and interpretations of spaces and reassembles fragments into new narratives – opening up for wondering about the richness of places.


Organotopia – Everything can be remade
is a collaboration between Søstra100 and architect and scenographer Julie Barfod. The construction project is done in collaboration with Abdirahmaan Hasan, Teodora Micic, Laiba Siddiqui Khan, Erik Barlinn Korvald and Emma Søborg. Students in Art, design og architecture at Elvebakken High School have contributed in the artistic development of the project. The music in the exhibition is composed by Nils Henrik Asheim.

Søstra100 is an Oslo-based office consisting of Mira Hahn and Stina Molander Skavlan. Søstra100 work with architecture projects, drawing and building things theirselves or with others.

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