Stor-Oslo Eiendom NO

Stor-Oslo Eiendom is a property developer in the larger Oslo region

Stor-Oslo Eiendom is a part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project Linderudløkka & Startblokka.

After acquiring the former headquarter of industrial giant Siemens in Linderud in 2019 to convert the industrial plant to a new urban residential area, developer Stor-Oslo Eiendom initiated a collaboration with the local municipality branch, Bydel Bjerke. The developer offered 12.000 square metres for a temporary social project, the public-private partnership exploring the potential of temporality, turning an empty building into a testbed for experiences informing future development.

Startblokka signals the start of a transformation, the former industrial area replaced by residential buildings and commercial property, the future users different in terms of preferences and needs.


Linderudløkka is being developed by Stor-Oslo Eiendom in collaboration with Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter/Nordic — Office of Architecture.


Richard Zagar, Project director Stor-Oslo Eiendom
Carl Henrik Graff, Project director, Stor Oslo Eiendom
Mikkel H. Røisland, Residential commercial manager Stor-Oslo Eiendom
Marit E. Jensen, Commercial director real estate Stor-Oslo Eiendom
Simon Løvdal, Architect, Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter/ Nordic KJA
Hildegunn Gutvik, General Manager at Startblokka
Ellen Pande Rolfsen, Project manager at Startblokka/Bydel Bjerke (Oslo Municipality)
Ragnhild Olaussen, Section manager for Community Development Bydel Bjerke (Oslo Municipality)


Architect: Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter/ Nordic KJA
Visual design: Bielke & Yang