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The Neighbourhood Index can be accessed at and showcases more than 250 neighbourhood projects, practices and perspectives from all over the world.

In spring 2022 we announced an Open Call for projects contributing to more sustainable, diverse and thriving neighbourhoods. Check out all 251 entries from architects, planners, urban practitioners, academics, artists and activists from all around the world.

Published 12.05.22

The Open Call searched for ideas and examples on how to form better neighbourhoods: How can we share more at a neighbourhood scale? How can new urban areas become more diverse and sustainable? How can we make better use of the streets for neighbourhood life?

Nytt freie mitte

Freie Mitte by StudioVlayStreeruwitz made a wild habitat in an abandoned site in the midst of Vienna, Austria into a public space, pushing new development to the edge of the site. The project was selected for exhibition. Photo: StudioVlayStreeruwitz.

The many submissions show a wide variety of urban planning and architectural projects, urban practices and academic and artistic perspectives. All together an impressive demonstration of neighbourhood engagement and thinking. Many submissions display creativity in both (architectural) form and (cultural, social) content contributing to more diverse, generous and sustainable neighbourhoods.

"The energy from the statements and projects are inspiring and illustrate inspiring solutions for more sustainable neighbourhoods."

Jenny B. Osuldsen, partner Snøhetta, professor landscape architecture NTNU


DAVIDSON RAFALIDIS’ project a fence and a latter - subversive acts of everyday urbanism, examines a ladder built to straddle a fence between two properties, giving children in neighbouring backyards a way to traverse the boundary easily. The project was given an Honourable Mention in the Open Call.

"Neighbourhoods are vital to our urban communities. I am truly inspired by the many projects from all over the world."

Camilla van Deurs, City Architect of Copenhagen

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Out of the total of 383 submissions, 250 submissions were selected for online exhibition at the Neighbourhood Index. 6 projects were selected for exhibition at the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022 and 7 submissions received online honourable mentions.

Explore the neighbourhood index here and read the jury statement about the projects being selected for exhibition and honourable mentions.

Croydon Urban Room

Selected for exhibition. Photo: Croydon Placemaking.

Freie Mitte 1

Selected for exhibition. Photo: StudioVlayStreeruwitz


Selected for exhibition. Photo: Art and Design Collective Oaza

Ja Ja 1

Selected for exhibition. Photo: Jaja architects.

Mandaworks New Skerjafjordur Street Nature Image 1

Selected for exhibition. Photo: Mandaworks

The Distributed Cooperative 1

Selected for exhibition. Photo: Scott Lloyd (TEN Studio) & Alexis Kalagas

BIAS Architects Keelung war memorial

Honourable mention. Photo: BIAS Architects & Associates


Honourable mention. Photo: Deadline Architects

Transformative Densification by 51 N4 E

Honourable mention. Photo: 51 N4 E

STEPS Eco Village Transitional Housing

Honourable mention. Photo: Common Ground Design,

The Phoenix Project by Human Nature

Honourable mention. Photo: Human Nature


Honourable mention. Photo: ABARMARZ


Stephanie Davidson / DAVIDSON RAFAILIDIS' project a fence and a ladder: subversive acts of urbanism at home recieved an honourable mention. Photo: Stephanie Davidson