Life betweeen buildings – and in the streets

A European take on the street and the neighbourhood


Oslo's Vice Mayor for Environment and Transport, Sirin Stav, in conversation with Jan Gehl.
Photo: Are Carlsen

Two generations of urbanists shed light on the challenges and possibilities of the street as a neighbourhood arena, combining International and Norwegian perspectives

Published 14.04.23

Further exploring neighbourhood questions, following the theme of the 2022 Triennale, in May we organized the seminar "The Street and the Neighbourhood" at the Oslo School of Architecture. The esteemed Danish architect, urbanist and author Jan Gehl was invited to disseminate what he knows best, and that he has been talking about ever since the iconic book Life Between Buildings was first published in 1971: the city, the streets, the urban spaces, about people and our lives in the urban environment.


Jan Gehl's key note lecture in front of a full lecture hall in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
Photo: Are Carlsen

Through the European architecture platform LINA, where the Oslo Architecture Triennale is a member, we invited the three international architectural practices Filter Café Filtré – Atelier, Palace of Un/Learning, and New South, to come with their own perspectives on the same topic. Oslo'c centre for urban ecology, having just hosted a workshop and knowledge exhancge session with the LINA fellows, contributed to the conversation sharing experiences from Oslo. Also reflecting on the matter of the street and the neighbourhood from an Oslo point of view was the city’s Vice Mayor for Environment and Transport, Sirin Stav, representing the Green Party (MDG).


From left: Bernadette Krejs (Palace of Un/Learning), Andreas Fadum Haugstad (Bykuben), Annekatrien Verdickt (Filter Café Filtré – Atelier), Jan Gehl, Meriem Chabani (New South), Christian Pagh (Oslo Architekture Triennale).
Photo: Are Carlsen.

A big thank you to LINA, Aspelin Ramm, The Danish Embassy in Norway, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Bykuben for support and collaboration.


Annekatrien Verdickt from the Belgian architectural practice Filter Café Filtré – Atelier, based in Brussels.
Photo: Are Carlsen.


Bernadette Krejs and Max Utech, partners in Vienna- and Paris based Palace of Un/Learning.
Photo: Are Carlsen.


Christian Pagh, Director and Chief Curator of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, introducing the seminar.


Jan Gehl was back in Oslo, after visiting the Oslo Architecture Triennale last time already in 2022, contributing to the programme at the Oslo Neighbourhood Lab at the former Edvard Munch Museum.
Photo: Are Carlsen.


Meriem Chabani of Paris based architectural practice New South.
Photo: Are Carlsen.