What's on during the 2022 Triennale?

A sneak peek at this year's actions, events and contributors

Neighbourhoods of Oslo. Film: Oslo Architecture Triennale.

The 8th Oslo Architecture Triennale explores the future of streets, community-building, urban diversity and systems (re)thinking – and brings life to the iconic Munch Museum in Oslo.

Published 13.06.22

The 8th Oslo Architecture Triennale is a response to the challenge: how do we build more diverse, inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods? Running from September 22 to October 30th 2022, the Triennale explores ways of forming neighbourhoods – in terms of design, architecture and planning – and how to reform the principles of neighbourhood development.

Formulated as Mission Neighbourhood - (Re)forming Communities, the Triennale has invited architects, urban practitioners, developers, politicians, activists, artists and neighbours to contribute. Now we are exited to share some of the highlights of the Triennale programme. Check out the programme here.

"We want show a diversity of projects, practices and ideas that deepen our understanding of how to support neighbourhoods and communities. The triennale aims to be a forum for cross-pollination, enabling us to think better collectively – and act accordingly."

Christian Pagh, Director and Chief Curator

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The Munch Museum by architects Gunnar Fougner og Einar Myklebust. Photographed in 1963, shortly after completion,

Photo: Teigen Fotoatelier/Norsk Teknisk Museum/DEXTRA.

Neighbourhood Lab at the Former Munch Museum

The Triennale takes over the building previously housing the Munch Museum, and turns it into a pop-up Neighbourhood Lab, exhibition space and culture house. As the hub of the Triennale the former museum will host conversations, workshops, conferences, art projects, concerts, local activities and more. At the heart of the Lab is a rich exhibition of neighbourhood projects and practices from the Nordic region and beyond. Read more here.

Opening Days 22–25 September

The opening days of the 8th edition of Oslo Architecture Triennale (22–25 September) will be packed with exhibition openings, conferences, talks and parties. Among the highlights is the international opening conference. Speakers include Carlos Moreno (Special Envoy to the Mayor of Paris), Saskia Sassen (Professor and author), and Martha Thorne (Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design) and many others. With a special focus on urban governance, we gather the city architects from the larger Nordic cities.

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Exploring Oslo In the Making

Oslo is booming – for better and worse. We shed light on Oslo In the Making – notably many of the new areas under development. From the competition around Grønlikaia – the upcoming neighbourhood in Oslo harbour – to the new Lilleakerbyen in the west of Oslo, Groruddalen and beyond. Oslo citizens and international guests are invited to explore and give feedback! Read more about Oslo in the making.


Photo: CHAP.

Peter Cook and Oslo

We are very excited to be able to present a significant collection of the fantastic drawings of internationally renowned architect Peter Cook, focusing on his long relationship with Oslo, and his passion for the city and its neighbourhoods. Read more here.

Doga Tøyen test bed Fotokred Matti Lucie Arentz

Tøyen Torg, the Tøyen neighbourhood's central square and meeting place. Photo: Matti Lucie Arentz.

Programme by the Triennale partners

An extensive part of the programme developed with our members. The National Museum Architecture features the exhibition Coming into Community, exploring how ideas about community have shaped architecture and urban development. The Oslo School of Architecture and Design’s Academy focuses on minorities and less visible groups as a starting point for developing new scenarios for inclusivity and community life. The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) hosts the ambitious conference Neighbourhood Reforms (Arkitekturdagen) that digs into systems thinking as a way to bring about more sustainable neighbourhoods. DOGA - Design and Architecture Norway invites us to a series of conversations exploring the conditions of neighbourhood development - and promote action. Oslo arkitektforening host a series of international talks and site visits exploring of neighbourhood.

Read more about our partners here.