The library and the neighbourhood

See the full seminar from our seminar on libraries and the neighbourhood, hosted by Triennale partners and architectural practices Lundhagem and Rodeo

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In the former main library of Oslo the role of the library as a third space was discussed thorougly amongst a panel of experts. The event was led by former Minister of Culture Abid Raja.

Published 18.10.22

The breakfeast meeting was organised in the second week of the 2022 Triennale, Wednesday September 28, in the former main library at Hammersborg in Oslo.
Organisers were Lundhagem arkitekter and Rodeo arkitekter, both members of the Triennale guild, along with developer Møller eiendom, owner of the building today. Master of Ceremonies was Abid Raja, former Cultural Minister of Norway.


  • Liv Sætern, former director Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek
  • Christian Slaaen, managing director FUBIAK (Furuset bibliotek og aktivitetshus)
  • Aga Skorupka, environmental psychologist Rodeo
  • Jakob Krupka, Møller eiendom (new owner of the former library)
  • Marius Mowe, architect Atelier Oslo
  • Karianne Kampevold Sætre, department director Kulturetaten
The target audience for a library is 0 to 100 and from all classes in society

Liv Sæteren, former director, Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek