Seminar Breakfast meeting

The third space and the neighbourhood: the library

How to ensure climatized meeting places in the urban development?

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  • Location: Gamle Deichmanske, Arne Garborgs plass 4
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    Rodeo, Lundhagem and Møller Eiendom

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Meeting places and community houses are important in the discussion om urban development, housing and placemaking. Community arenas create common identity and form important framework, and are places for interaction. Places which are not our homes or our work space, the sports hall or the school has been coined 'the third space'.

The libraries are examples of such spaces in the city – meeting places with a program, social arenaes without paid entry. Such meeting places are essential to the development of our city, creating neighbourhoods with a sense of belonging. In a city like Oslo – with increasing densification, where leisure activities are more and more expensive, and rent is increasing – free public services like the libraries become even more important than before.

This event invites a cross-disciplinary panel, consisting of decision makers and librarians, politicians and architects. They will together participate in a panel conversation on how we can ensure climatized meeting places in urban development.

Moderator: Abid Raja.

DSC04464 12455551 Foto Helmine Syvertsen

Foto: Helmine Syvertsen