Yamile Calderón CO

Yamile Calderón is a photographer based in Oslo

Yamile Calderón is part of the exhibition MUNCH FULL / MUNCH EMPTY / WHAT’S NEXT? with the photo series Munchmuseet [Empty].

In the photo series Munchmuseet [Empty] Oslo based photographer Yamile Calderón documents the old Munch Museum at Tøyen after the art moved out. What does an empty Munch Museum look like? And which traces are left behind after 58 years serving as a museum? The photographs are framed in materials found dusted in shavings from the workshop at the museum.

Yamile Calderón is an artist born in Colombia, based in Oslo. She studied photography at Bergen National Academy of Arts. She has recently published her second photo book, “Narcos & Homes”, and was awarded Bildende Kunstnernes Hjelpefonds (BKH) Fotokunstprisen 2020 (Photo Art Price).

Tokio View BW 8919