Skaus / Eladio Ramm / Yngvild Færøy NO

Skaus is a Norwegian collective that facilitates creative encounters between artists, communities, and their environmental and cultural contexts; projects are informed by architecture, history, climate and landscape

SKAUS together with Eladio Ramm and Yngvild Færøy is a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project Trehus.

The work Trehus, initiated by art collective Skaus, experiments with the familiar hierarchies and forms of public space. A temporary structure, Trehus (re)frames a linden tree by the entrance of the old Munch Museum: taking a natural component of the urban landscape, elevating it to a place of sanctuary and stewardship. The spatial design and architectural concept, developed by architect studio Eladio Ramm, orchestrates an intimate and slightly uncanny experience. Sound artist Yngvild Færøy contributes with two soundworks that emphasise the vitality and vulnerability of the city's biotic dimension, highlighting human-plant relationships.

Skaus is a collective founded by Norwegian artists Håvard Sagen, Mari Kolbeinson and Markus Bråten. Since their inception in 2019 Skaus have sought to explore the ways in which community understandings are acquired, challenged and changed within the theoretical frameworks and built environment of the cultural sphere. At the forefront of their methodology is a focus on sustainability and iteration; materials are recycled, and structures are aggregate forms. Their name is drawn from an ancient Norwegian dish that was tended and added to, boiled and served in an endless cycle. The skaus recipe traveled with sailors and spread throughout Europe and beyond.


Håvard Sagen (Artist/Skaus), Mari Kolbeinson (Artist/Skaus), Markus Bråten (Artist/Skaus), Nicolai Ramm Østgaard (Architect, Eladio Ramm), David Eladio Hugo Cabo (Architect, Eladio Ramm), Yngvild Færøy (Artist), Eirin Bruholt (Event manager, Climate host at The Climate House, Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum), Pippa Mott (Writer and Research Curator)

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