Scott Lloyd (TEN) / Alexis Kalagas CH


Scott Lloyd (TEN) and Alexis Kalagas are a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project The Distributed Cooperative.

TEN is an architecture, design and research association working on the principle that value is an outcome of design effort. Its engagement on public themes of interest and open research on the built environment is shaped by its common statute. TEN is composed as a record label, providing new formats for interdependent work groups with emphasis on design by research. It aims to conceive, explore and produce ideas that both state and expand upon emerging practices in the

built environment.

TEN is a Swiss Art Award laureate (Architecture 2018) and recently received

the Foundation Award for Emerging Swiss Architects (2020). Its members are

regularly invited and awarded for their contributions to Swiss and international

design competitions. The work of its members has been published and

presented across numerous digital and printed platforms, magazines and

academic journals.

Alexis Kalagas is an urban strategist and writer based in Melbourne. He holds

degrees in Arts and Law from the University of Melbourne, and a Master of Arts from the Graduate Institute, Geneva. He began his career in Canberra, Australia, serving as a foreign policy advisor with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. From 2013 to 2017, he was part of the interdisciplinary Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at ETH Zurich, working on a range of research, design, exhibition, and media projects in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

In 2018, he was awarded one of six Richard Rogers Fellowships by the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He co-edited the book “Reactivate Athens: 101 Ideas”. His writing on cities and urban design has appeared in numerous publications, including Architectural Design (AD), Perspecta, trans, Migrant Journal, a+t, the Journal of Visual Culture, and Harvard Design Magazine, as well as the edited volumes “Urban Design Lab Handbook” (2018), “CARTHA on Making Heimat” (2017), and “Re-Living the City: UABB 2015” (2016). He has also taught at ETH Zürich and the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne


Scott Lloyd (TEN) and Alexis Kalagas

Film Production
Adam Walker
Production contribution
Tamim Hokan

Reinhard König, Husain Vaghjipurwala, Martin Bielik
Seoul Biennale installation design
Scott Lloyd
Alexis Kalagas
Nemanja Zimonjic

Design of depicted spaces
Scott Lloyd, Nemanja Zimonjic, Jana Kulic, Milan Ivanovic, Ognjen Krasna, Alexis

Model photography
Milos Martinovic

Orignal architecture content
Nicola Campri, Lucio Crignola, Milan Ivanovic, Jana Kulic, Chiara Malerba,
Guillaume Othenin-Girard, Tobia Rapelli, Nico Rothenbuehler, Margherita
Sorgentone, Francisco Moura Veiga