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Mustad Eiendom is a family own development company with a long term and sustainable perspective on the local management and development of the area between Lilleaker og Lysaker in Oslo

Mustad Eiendom is part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project Lilleakerbyen – another 150 years.

Having been in the area since O. Mustad & Søn’s nail manufacturing factory in the 1870s Mustad Eiendom has an almost 150 year long relationship with Lilleaker. The industrial area was transformed into a shopping mall and business park in the 1980s. The shopping centre – amongst the most profitable in Norway – is today again at the brink of change. This time the transition is turning the shopping centre inside out, creating streets lined with shops, removing cars, introducing housing and making the area greener. Grown from cuttings and seeds taken from the riverside of Lysaker river, 1000 new trees will be planted the coming years.

Being a project partner with Oslo Architecture Triennale with Lilleakerbyen as case, Mustad Eiendom joins the conversation on how we can create neighbourhoods in better ways in the future.

Lilleakerbyen is a 300.000 m2 large area close to Lysaker transport hub, in Oslo and Bærum municipalities on both sides of the Lysaker river. The area is owned and will be developed by Mustad Eiendom. Lilleakerbyen will be realised over a period of approximately 20 years. Recently the zoning plan has been on public hearing in Oslo municipality, and will be submitted for political approval within the coming months.

Mustad Eiendom is a family-owned company with a long-term and sustainable perspective on the local management and development of the area between Lilleaker and Lysaker. They have been at Lilleaker for almost 150 years – and have a similar long-term perspective for the future as well.

A sustainable approach is therefore not just an ambition, but a direct prerequisite – both for them, the demands they place on their partners and their obligations to the society they surround themselves with and are a part of.


Mustad Eiendom
Leonard Design Architects


The Lilleakerbyen – another 150 years exhibition is developed by Mustad Eiendom in collaboration with A-lab as exhibition architects.

Exhibition team:

Mustad Eiendom

A-lab: Eva Grosen Husby, Tina Lam, Kristine Holter-Andersen, Unni Alstad, Anastasiia Ignatova, Karoline Larsen and Camila Vieira Toni Braz.

Other involved offices in this exhibition: Grindaker and KIMA

Lilleakerbyen hovedtorget