Kaleidoscope NO

Kaleidoscope is a Nordic architecture office based in Bergen, Norway and Helsinki, Finland

Kaleidoscope is a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project Delegården.

Translating literally to “the sharing block”, Delegården, being planned in the former industrial harbour district of Damsgårdssundet in Bergen, is all about sharing. Originally planned as a traditional apartment building, local developer BOB decided to rather use the opportunity to launch a project with ambitions of social sustainability, exploring alternative ways of living. Not limited to social sustainability, Delegården is planned with reused materials, the recycled brick facade nodding to the neighbourhood’s industrial heyday.

The project is developed by Kaleidoscope in collaboration with Smedsvig landscape architects for housing developer BOB. Delegården won the Audience Award at this year’s exhibition NEIGHBOUR: How Can We Live Together? at KODE in Bergen, receiving the most votes from the audience in the exhibition period from May 6 to September 11. Delegården is exhibited at the Oslo Architecture Triennale as a collaboration between the Triennale, KODE and the Bergen City Architect (Byarkitekten, Bergen kommune).


Sissel Brattfjord, Project leader, BOB
Silje Klepsvik, Lead Architect, Kaleidoscope
Hege Kongshaug, Architect, Kaleidoscope
Lars Clementsen Pedersen, Director of Property development, BOB
Inger Hageberg, Landscape Architect, Smedsvig landskapsarkitekter
Janis Vagolins, Landscape Architect, Smedsvig landskapsarkitekter

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