Dark Matter Labs

Jenny Grettve is a strategic and philosphical designer at Dark Matter Labs; Meggan Colling is a strategic designer at Dark Matter Labs

Jenny Grettve and Meggan Collins from Dark Matter Labs are a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project The Living Street.

The Living Street explores the man-made layers of neighbourhoods while simultaneously advocating for an acknowledgment of emotions and beliefs in the processes that form our society. Arguing for a deeper understanding of our natural existence in relation to all living things, Dark Matter Labs propose a radical systemic shift in the way in which our society values things. The measuring of welfare should not be limited to manufactured economical parameters, but rather encompass a wider perspective of a meaningful life. Redefining the hierarchy of what matters most, The Living Street proposes the minutious – yet fundamental and deeply human – spontaneities of life, such as laughter, eye contact, care, and generous gestures, be considered as important and impactful as the built environment and technological solutions.

Jenny Grettve

With a broad background and many years within art, architecture, urban planning and systems design, Jenny Grettve works as a strategic and philosophical designer at Dark Matter Labs with a focus on shared spaces, economic systems, behaviour patterns and societal change. She holds an MA in Architecture from Sweden and Australia but also has degrees in fashion design, design theory and classical music. She has worked with multi disciplinary ideas and the belief that all is deeply connected. A strong focus has been on urban developments from a soft value perspective and she has over the years been involved in extensive urban renewal programs but also writes regularly about societal issues for various magazines, blogs and art projects.

Meggan Collins

Trained as an Architect (ARB) and Urbanist at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Meggan works as a strategic designer at Dark Matter Labs with a strong focus on systemic shifts within urban environments to help build a more sustainable future. As an architect she designs in the threshold between research-based thinking and physical design as a means of dealing with today's societal challenges. Her personal research is focused on urban logistics from the perspective of infrastructure, emerging technologies, and landscapes

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