Hav Eiendom NO

Hav Eiendom is Oslo Harbour’s development company

Hav Eiendom is a part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project Grønlikaia Coming Together.

Hav Eiendom is finalising the zoning plan for Grønlikaia, the last part of the former harbour area of Bjørvika not yet transformed. Building on extensive analyses and experiences from the preceding waterfront development, 16 cross-disciplinary teams were commissioned to give their proposals for the different areas of the larger zoning plan, where some 200.000 m2 will be constructed on the 18 hectare plot. Joining as a project partner with the Oslo Architecture Triennale, Hav Eiendom exhibits the proposals as part of the Oslo in the Making exhibition, opening the process to the public and thus also opening for feedback and public debate as the development becomes part of a larger neighbourhood conversation.

Grønlikaia zoning plan by Hav Eiendom is currently in the making. 16 interdisciplinary teams have been working independently with 5 different parts of the plan. Their proposals are now being exhibited.


Hav Eiendom, Rodeo architects and 16 interdisciplinary teams led by:
Nordic — Office of Architecture, Henning Larsen, Ghilardi + Hellsten arkitekter, A-lab, Adept, Hille Melbye arkitekter, Dyrvik arkitekter, Helen & Hard, Haptic, LPO, Transborder studio, MER arkitektur, Vandkunsten architects, Norconsult, Asplan Viak and Aart architects.

Other information:

Rodeo architects are supporting Hav Eiendom in the planning of Grønlikaia, in facilitating the parallel commission, and they have also designed the exhibition.

GK Havnepromenaden visual Grønlia scaled