Fragment is an architectural office based in Oslo that works with inclusive site development and the multifunctional city

Fragment is a part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project Ormsundveien Eco-Village.

Defined as an urban ecological pilot project, the housing association of Ormsundveien Eco-Village is developing a neighbourhood with affordable housing. Low rental prices and indefinite contracts provide security and predictability for the tenants, who will also participate in restoring the listed buildings in the former military camp. Joining forces with the National Trust of Norway, Ormsundveien Eco-village with its step-by-step-development of the site also aims to share knowledge on preservation and historical building heritage. Not yet commenced, the project prepares the ground for alternative ways for neighbourhoods to come about, appreciating the resources of existing buildings and putting the neighbours themselves at the centre of the development.

Ormsundveien Eco-Village is a project developed by the discontinued Eriksen Skajaa Architects together with the residents of Ormsundveien 14. A sketch project was completed in 2017. The architect office Fragment and the board of Ormsundveien Eco Village seeks to implement the ambitions of this project in a step-by-step development in the coming years.

Fragment is an architectural office based in Oslo that works with inclusive site development and the multifunctional city. The office designs both services in cities and towns like schools and culture houses, and has an extra affection for housing. They design with compassion for nature and neighbourhood, always with thorough participation and conscious of the fact that the ones who are going to inhabit the houses best know how they wish to have it.

Fragment also work with landscape, urban nature and urban ecology, both through research and through development projects such as Sanke. They work with social sustainabilty through projects like Ormsundveien Eco-Village and Artist housing for Unge Kunstneres Samfund.

Arild Eriksen, Joakim Skajaa, Oda Ellensdatter Solberg, Cathrine Finnema, Joachim Haug, Mattias Fredrik Josefsson and Vendula Urbanova.

The board of Ormsundveien Eco-Village housing foundation is currently Marie Hallandvik Hortemo, Frederica Louise Ashton Miller, Eivin Sundal, Lars Hektoen, Anne Rita Holvik Andal, Frank Båtbukt, Arild Eriksen and Kjetil Teigen.

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