Elise Schultz NO

Elise Schultz is an architect based in Arendal, Norway

Elise Schultz is part of the exhibition MUNCH FULL / MUNCH EMPTY / WHAT’S NEXT? with the project Connecting Architecture and Community.

In her master thesis, Connecting Architecture and Community, architect Elise Schultz proposes a research center for architecture, made for conducting experiments at the scale of 1:1. Through research, the project aims to connect architects with a variety of other professions, and users from the local community of Tøyen. This will create a synergy of people and spaces, working together to create innovative solutions to societal and environmental challenges. This master thesis from The Royal Academy in Copenhagen invites people to participate physically in the discussion by interacting with the model.

Elise Schultz grew up in Bislett, Oslo, where she throughout her adolescence was engaged in local councils and organizations, striving to represent youth in the development of her local community. She went on to study Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy, taking her masters at the program for Urbanism and Societal change. In her projects she has explored ways for architecture to support collaboration in local communities in Copenhagen, Maputo, Ryomgård and Oslo.

Today, Elise works as an Architect for Henning Larsen in Arendal. Here she develops projects in multidisciplinary teams, with sites across Norway. Her key interest lies in developing built environments and urban strategies based on the historical, contextual, and organizational needs of a community. By using research and tools like visualizations, mappings and models, Elise believes that architects have the means to create active and open discussions, that lead to inclusive processes and projects.