EFFEKT is a design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark

EFFEKT with Arkitema is a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project Growing a Neighbourhood.

In the Frederiksberg district in Copenhagen, Denmark, the relocation of healthcare functions prompted a chance to reimagine the 14 hectare hospital grounds. This winning proposal for the competition held in the summer of 2022 envisions a car-free neighbourhood based on a sensitive densification of the existing built fabric, where the existing nature is complemented by 3 hectare of new green area reclaimed from previously paved surfaces. The team, led by EFFEKT and Arkitema architects, demonstrates great creativity in ensuring ambitious diversity – in both nature and culture.

EFFEKT is a design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and research. The company was established in 2007 and currently employ 60 full time staff under the creative direction of the two partners Tue Foged and Sinus Lynge. EFFEKT has in recent years distinguished themselves on both the national and international architecture scene through several prestigious and award-winning projects, such as Camp Adventure Forest Tower, the Urban Village Project, GAME Streetmekka Viborg, ReGen Villages, as well as some of Denmark’s largest urban planning projects, Rosenhøj, Gellerup and Vinge.

Exhibition team

Tue Foged, Sinus Lynge, Tina Lund Højgaard, Yulia Kozlova, Virginie Le Goffic, Olivia Egeberg, Otto Hallstrup, Patrik Kock Larsen, Lucas Helander, Evgeny Markachev, Povilas Dumcius, Marco Sartoretto, Chiara Giammarco, Lucrezia Biasutti

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