Atelier Dalziel CA

Atelier Dalziel is an Oslo based creative practice working with architecture, agriculture and art

Atelier Dalziel is a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project Multispecies Neighbourhoods.

In the installation Multispecies Neighbourhoods architect and researcher Matthew Dalziel explores the close histories of agriculture and architecture and the possible near futures where our neighbourhoods and our human ecosystems at large, are much more radically integrated with nature and other species than we currently envision them. The installation explores the neighbourhood as this kind of symbiosis.

A seed structure made of local straw and clay represents a kind of proto architecture. Inside a forest of edible and beneficial species is growing. A thriving man made multispecies neighbourhood that suggests a very different and very old way of thinking about how we live and who we live with.

Atelier Dalziel

Atelier Dalziel is a creative practice working across the field’s architecture, agriculture, and art. They make biocentric buildings, landscapes, and artworks to live in and feast on.

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