A-lab NO

A-lab is an architecture and urbanism practice based in Oslo

A-lab is a part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making with the project The Beauty of Meetings.

In the feasibility study for the new Oslo Science City, located within the knowledge cluster between Majorstuen and Gaustad, A-lab and collaborating offices emphasise meeting spaces in a neighbourhood setting, exhibited in the project The Beauty of Meetings.

A-lab is all about collaboration. It is about designing good processes where the best results are guaranteed by groups of different people with ambitions, creative enthusiasm and a desire to build something together. The good and including processes are what gives a sense of ownership and commitment, and it is crucial to find the X-factor in both the people and the project.


The exhibited work is developed by A-lab and is based on the feasibility study for Oslo Science City created by A-lab in collaboration with BIG, Comte bureau, Civitas and Menon Economics.

Team (A-lab)

Geir Haaversen
Joseph Baisch
Tina Lam
Unni Alstad
Camila Viera Toni Braz
Karoline Larsen
Marianne Lie Berg

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