César Reyes Nájera / Céline Zimmer LU

César Reyes Nájera is an architect, editor and postdoctoral researcher in at the University of Luxembourg; Céline Zimmer is a PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg

César Reyes Nájera and Céline Zimmer are a part of the exhibition Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities with the project The 10 sqm Co-op.

The 10 sqm Co-op is an audacious pedagogical experiment: César Reyes Nájera and Céline Zimmer will establish a cooperative during the Triennale. As a first step, The 10 sqm Co-op attempts to raise enough money to lease a parking space in Oslo, which will provide for the first 10 square metres of land run by the cooperative. This parking space should be a place for everything except cars: Discussions, meetings and realisation of preliminary ideas about the cooperative on a small scale.

The 10 sqm Co-op

is developed by César Reyes Nájera and Céline Zimmer with the support of the Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg.


César Reyes Nájera, Céline Zimmer, Master in Architecture University of Luxembourg, Numa Merino Studio, Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons