Neighbourhood: AHO's Urban inquiries

Neighbouhood book made together with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)


The Triennale has collaborated with AHO on their third edition of the series AHO's urban inquiries, made by teachers and students at the experience based Master's program in Urbanism at the school. The result is a 200 page book on neighbourhoods.

Published 09.09.22

The book, that can be downloaded here, is edited by Lisbet Harboe, Erling Dokk Holm and Peter Hemmersam. Harboe is associate professor in Urbanism at AHO, Dokk Holm is associate professor at the Insitute for Property and Law at NMBU and associate professor II at AHO, and Hemmersam is professor in Urban Design at AHO.

The book was launched as part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale pre-program, at the former Edvard Munch museum, being one of the first public events the Triennale held in what will be this years Triennale headquarters. The launch included severeal presentations looking at the neighbourhood theme in the debate on the densified city, as well as a panel debate.


Neighbourhood (2022) is the third edition of AHO's urban inquiries after How smart? (2018) and How social? (2020) and looks at the theme of neighbourhood from different perspectives within the field of urbanism. The authors are part time students normally working within urban development in both private and public sectors, having professional backgrounds from journalism and architecture to planning. The publication reflects this with, the different chapters covering a variety of perspectives to neighbourhood thinking:

  • Community models by Thomas Cook (Oslo Architecture Triennale) and Anne Sæther Lislevand (Asplan Viak)
  • The neighbourhood in a digital world by Parul Khandelwal (Norconsult) and Magnus Knutsen Bjørke (photo journalist)
  • Spaces for neighbourhood by Andrine Gran (City of Oslo), Astrid Sollid (City of Lillestrøm) and Monica Espinoza Valle (Halvorsen & Reine)
  • Life after the neighbourhood incubator by Stine K. Håtuft (the Culture Department, City of Oslo) and Ragnhild Storrønning (arkitekt)
  • How to plan for community houses? by Christina Føllesdal Brown (Agency for Planning and Building Services, City of Oslo) and Ane Nesje (Lund+Slaatto)
  • Mapping neighbourhoods by Solveig Bergstrøm (DRMA) and Kévin Sanouiller (Multiconsult)
  • Neighbourhood is where people live by Audun Løkse (WSP) and Ulf Erik Bakke (Vy)
AHO NABOLAG Urbane utredninger 2022 Omslag Beskåret

The digital version of the book can be downloaded from the website of the library at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design: Download the book here.
The physical book can be bought in the school reception, in Maridalsveien 29, for the price of 160 kroner, or online through Tekstallmenningen here. The book is in Norwegian.