The 16th edition of the magazine +KOTE is all about neighbourhood(s)


For the 2022 Oslo Architecture Triennale +KOTE released a special edition of the magazine with neighbourhood as its theme, in collaboration with the Triennale. The independent magazine contributes to the Triennale's neighbourhod discussion and brings in additional important perspectives to the conversation.

Published 26.10.22

In its 16th edition the +KOTE, a magazine by students and newly educated, concerned about our physical surroundings, explores neighbourhood together with Oslo Architecture Triennale. The magazine itself describes the motivation for the special edition like this:

«It is about time we discuss how we form our neighbourhoods. The development of the neighbourhoods of today is shaped in too large a degree by bureaucracy and private developers. This results in urban structures that appear boringly monofunctional, lack a sense of place, gentrification and an absence of spontinaety. Community, joy and variation are the losers as profit and following regulations become the most important focus».

IMG 8971

This edition of the +KOTE aims to open up a discussion on the way in which we think about neighbourhoods, and the magazine explores both how we think about neighbourhoods and which processes are needed in order to create good neighbourhoods for the future. Through projects and concrete measures, personal stories and meanings, they wish to point to both challenges and different tools that might provide solutions.

The magazine was launched during the 2022 Oslo Architecture Triennale, in the Triennale main arena in the former Edvard Munch museum in Tøyen, Oslo.

The edition is comprehensive and contains contributions from urban researchers Bengt Andersen and Joar Skrede, photographer Adrian Bugge, the Swedish artist collective MYCKET, Tina Larsen from the Bergen City Architect, Asplan Viak planner Sigrid Furuholt Engelstad and architectural practice 3RW, amongst others.

+KOTE can be find at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, at the former Edvard Munch Museum in the duration of the 2022 Triennale (until October 30) and at the University of Oslo, in a limited edition. The edition can also be accessed digitally at +KOTE's website.