Triennale Academy Assembly 1: Spatial Translations

Architects work for clients, but clients are not always users.

  • This event is finished
  • Location: Outside Gamle Munch, Tøyengata 53
  • Organiser: 

    he Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Oslo Architecture Triennale

A discussion between Jack Hughes (Irish architect and co-founder of Makers hub), Nico Ibaceta (Chilean architect and multidisciplinary artist) and an international group of students.

The discussion will focus on Gamle Oslo’s public spaces and the importance of negotiating the multiplicity of citizens’ voices during participatory processes. Experiments done by the students during will be the base for the debate. How do you consider the users’ wishes and thoughts? What implication do they have in the spatial translation process? Who are you designing for, and how do you balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the collective in a public design project?

The OAT Academy 2022 workshop: (RE)acting/(EN)acting – Collective Dissidence, Reclaiming the Neighborhood brings together European architect schools to Oslo for a week-long dialogue and knowledge-sharing experiment.

Makershub is a small architectural practice in Oslo, founded in 2018, focused on participation, co-design and co-building. We only work with projects that have a green, socially beneficial or social goal.

Jack Hughes is an Irish architect, based in Oslo. He has a particular focus on the human aspect of architecture and the city, and on those who are often overlooked.

Nico Ibaceta is a multidisciplinary architect and artist from Los Andes, Chile. Founder of Yamana Boats and active member of the collectives Ciudad abierta and Kroloftet. Nico has worked internationally with sculptures and different types of boat building, especially in connection with traditional methods.

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