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The party

Building a party pavilion for community

  • This event is finished
  • Location: Byggehallen, Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo, Maridalsveien 29
  • Organiser: 

    First year students, AHO

Check out the first class at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design's newly built pavilion!

A party is an event connecting a group of peoplel, a form of community where you see and are seen, meeting old friends and getting new acquaintances. The party invites to different ways of using the body: circling, dancing, conversing, in the different spatial sones of the party, all offering different ways of being together. The party is a microcosmos of relations, a densified situation where happiness, tragedy, joy and other states of mind co-exist in a short amount of time.

With the project The Party in the building hall of the school, the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) first year students and teachers make their own interpretation of the 2022 Triennale theme, forming communities. A continuously built structure provides a large central room, able to gather the community for a party. This is a room everyone are invited into and which success depends on the contribution of everyone.. For the large room to work, there is also a need of different zones where different forms of community can take place – where it is possible, alone or in smaller groups, to withdraw or to take on a different position in relation to the party.

This spatial duality in the different forms of community will be explored through The Party.

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