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Neighbourhood walks

Walk from neighbourhood to neighbourhood with Grape Architects

  • This event is finished
  • Location: Ulvenveien 82A, 0581 Oslo
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    Grape Architects

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Grape Architects host a walk from Ulven through Marienfryd to Tøyen. The walk starts at Ulven at 4 PM, where OBOS Director Daniel Kjørberg Siraj will present the area.

From the rooftop at the Narvesen building there is a panraoma view to the new development at Ensjø and how it meets the garden city of Lille Tøyen. Here Emil Paaske will tell the story about the developmetnt of Marienfryd, also including the rehabilitation of the Narvesen building.

he tour proceeds through Tiedemannsparken to Hagekvartalet, where Grape's Angelica Kveen will show the neighbourhood also offering a BBQ in the garden (!). Hagekvartalet is one of few blocks consisting of both townhouses and apartment buildings.

The event ends at 6 PM. Everyone are then welcome to check out the exhibitions at display at the Oslo Neighbourhood Lab in the former Edvard Munch Museum at Tøyen.

The event is free.