Film screening


The film about the American urbanism and neighbourhood pioneer Jane Jacobs is screened in the auditorium in the museum basement

  • This event is finished
  • Location: The Cinema at the former Evard Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
  • Organiser: 

    Tøyen Kino

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Local film organizers Tøyen Kino have for the period of the 2022 Oslo Architecture Triennale moved their headquarters to the Oslo Neighbourhood Lab at the former Edvard Munch Museum, a few 100 meters away from their normal base at the Tøyen Deichman Library.

In this first of a series of three film screenings at the former Edvard Munch museum they show the legendary documentary on Jane Jacobs, a unique study of neighbourhood activism against cars and pollution.

The film is shown in the museum basement.
Free entry. Welcome!