Breakfast meeting

Neighbourhood nature and circularity

How to deal with climate and biodiversity issues on a neighbourhood level?

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  • Location: The former Edvard Munch museum, Tøyengata 53
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    Oslo Architecture Triennale and SLA

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We are in the middle of a climate and biodiversity crisis, and a large part of the carbon emissions stems from the building industry. We need to radically change the way our cities and neighbourhood are delevoped – the way we live our lives. Planning for other species, we need to rethink how we take care of the natural environment we live in.

How can we tackle the climate crisis on a neighbourhood level? Can blue and green infrastructure be better integrated in the urban fabric and contribute to the neighbourhood? In what way can circular solutions minimise the carbon footprint of urban development?

To this meeting we have invited people working with climate questions from different perspectives within the urban development field. You'll hear Trond Lohre (Naturrestaurering AS), Arild Eriksen (Fragment), Merete Saugestad (Sweco), Hanne Johnsrud (Oslotrær), Stig L. Anderson (SLA), E. C. Forfang (SLA) and Mario Vahos (OBOS) talk about how they work with neighbourhood nature and circularity.

SLA, the largest landscape architecture office of the Nordics, will moderate their own session during the seminar: "A city that feels and works like a forest". Norwegian and International experts on urban nature, climate resilience and nature based design will discuss how we together can solve the crises we face – and how we, by getting more and better quality nature in to our cities, can create more viable, resilient, healthy and diverse cities and neighbourhods.

Arild Eriksen is the founder of architectural firm Fragment and the online application Sanke, where you can find edible plants in the city and mapping public fruit trees.

Hanne Johnsrud is a landscape architect and projet manager of Oslotrær, The City of Oslo's initiative for increased tree planting. In 2022 the project has contributed to the planting of close to 3000 trees.

Merete Saugestad, director of sustainability in Sweco, considers circularity as a crucial design parameter when we’re planning new neighborhoods.

Stig L. Anderson is founder and partner of SLA, and professor in landscape architecture at Copenhagen University and Beijing Forestry University.

Erling C. Forfang is design lead architect in SLA, with wide experience in designing nature based solutions and urban plans for large development and transformation projects.

Mario Vahos is project manager in the development department of OBOS Nye Hjem. She's an architect specialized in complex urban development projects.

Trond Lohre works in Naturrestaurering AS, Mustad Eiendom's professional partner in the establishment of Lilleaker Plant School, as part of the development of Lilleakerbyen.

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