Breakfast meeting

Neighbourhood renewal from Oslo to Copenhagen

How can architecture and urban development contribute to improve living conditions?

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  • Location: The former Edvard Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
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    Oslo Architecture Triennale and Bydel Stovner

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Coffee from 08:45, event starts at 09:00.

This morning meeting, made in collaboration with Bydel Stovner, focuses on area improvement and neighbourhood quality. Starting from Oslo and Groruddalen – taking a detour south to Copenhagen – we look at how to achieve diverse neighbourhoods and good meeting places, where social and physical infrastructure interact.

How can public spaces enhance community and local identity? How can the design of the built environment contribute to a well-functioning neighbourhood? Can urban planning, architecture and municipal investment turn the tide in struggling neighbourhoods?

In the neighbourhood of Vestli, the main square has a great potential to become a more significant meeting place. Together with the Triennale, the district of Stovner and “Områdeløft Vestli” have organized an architecture competition to create a new meeting place in connection with the square. The architectural firm Fragment is now developing a temporary community centre at Vestli. We also look to Denmark, where the architectural practice Vandkunsten has a long track record with larger strategic development plans in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, such as Tingbjerg.

Meet Andreas Mjærum Behring, Rashid Nawas and Benedicte Falch-Monsen (Bydel Stovner), Arild Eriksen (Fragment), Elena Astrid Rojas (Vandkunsten Architects), Camilla Antoinette Bøgh (Nærmiljøhuset Romsås) and LINK Landskap.

Benedicte Falch-Monsen is examination leader of Bydel Stovner.

Andreas Mjærum Behring isassisting district director of Bydel Stovner

Rashid Nawas is leader of the district political group in Bydel Stovner

Arild Eriksen is the owner of architectural practice Fragment.

Camilla Antoinette Bøgh is Project Manager at Nærmiljøhuset, Romsås.

Elena Astrid Rojas is an Architect and Partner at Vandkunsten Architects.

Stovner is a green neighbourhood in the north of Oslo, with 33.000 inhabitants.


Vestli, with its defining terraced housing units, built by developer Selvaag in the early 1970s after a plan originating from a Nordic architectural competion launched in 1960. Photo: Rune Nylund Larsen/Oppdag Groruddalen.