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What happens behind the windows at street level is crucial for a vibrant city

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  • Location: The Former Edvard Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
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    Oslo Architecture Triennale

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This afternoon we look at the impact street level activities have on the city and its neighbourhoods, before hosting the October edition of the monthly After Work-gathering Bybransjen.

The city is changing. Online shopping, a pandemic and big shopping malls outside the cities challenge the city center. Many larger cities today are dominated by monocultural areas dedicated to (either) housing or consuming, offering few opportunities for people to come together. Vibrant neighbourhoods are woven together by different social infrastructure and a variety of activities, and offer both commercial and non-commercial places where one can meet, interact and create things together.

How can public and private functions contribute to the community? Can we work strategically to activate the neighbourhood's store fronts with relevant activities? How do we facilitate diversity and local production on the street level?

In this seminar there will be presentations by Linda Vik (OBOS Innovation), Runar Eggesvik (Flott Gjort), Herman Dyrø (Mustad Eiendom), Marit Elisabeth Jensen, Hildegunn Gutvik and Ragnhild Olaussen (Stor-Oslo Eiendom/Startblokka/Bydel Bjerke), Veronica Mike (Natural State), Jacob Carstensen (Backscatter) and Sweco and Aspelin Ramm.

Linda Vik is Project Manager in OBOS Innovation.

Runar Eggesvik is Head of Development and co-founder of Flott Gjort. He's started a number of establishments and festivals in Oslo.

Herman Dyrø is Director of Market and Business Development in Mustad Eiendom at Lilleaker where they're transforming a shopping mall to a neighbourhood.

Veronica Mike develops place identities in Natural State. She is former chief editor in ANTI and has won several prizes for her work in branding and design.

Hildegunn Gutvik is manager of Startblokka and senior consultant in Agenda Rådgivning.

Marit Elisabeth Jensen is market director of Stor-Oslo Eiendom.

Ragnhild Olaussen is Section Chief of Societal Development in Bydel Bjerke.

Sweco/Aspelin Ramm have a summer student project each year. A selected group of students in urban development will work with relevant issues, assisted by experts. This year they have looked at the «Neighbourhood Office».

Jakob Carstensen, partner and co-founder of Backscatter, is an expert in liveable places and digital engagement. He has 10 years of experience working with the intersection of analytics, cultural segmentation, and placemaking.


About Bybransjen:

Bybransjen (BB) is a monthly informal AW-event for professionals involved in the building of the city's spaces and filling them with life. BB is a cross-disciplinary arena for positive debate, exchange of ideas and activising the city. Thus, to be where it happens, experience new places and visit one another the event is continuosly moving from place to place.

Former editions of Bybransjen have been arranged at: byMad, Becco, Hai Pai og 3KT.

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