Participation – or manipulation?

Does participation work?

  • Location: Arkitektenes hus, Josefines gate 34
  • Organiser: 

    Oslo arkitektforening

Participation in the context of housing and city planning has a long history. The demand of citizen participation has only grown stronger, and the distribution of roles between public and private actors has changed. The processes are subject to a wider and more unclear range of methods, terminology and tools.

Is there a tendency towards more manipulation and "green washing", or can these kinds of processes lead to actual improvement in the way we develop neighbourhoods?

The aim of the seminar is to give an update on the latest trends in participatory practices, to critically review different approaches and to discuss future challenges.


09:00 AM Welcome by Bente Florelius
09:05 AM Introduction: Choice of theme & programme by Sven Erik Svendsen
09:15 AM The City of Oslo's participation strategy by Hanne Marte Furset/PBE

09:45 AM Break

10:00 AM The role of the district (bydel) by Lars Eivind Bjørnstad, Bjerke bydel
10:30 AM Grønlikaia – The Fjord City of the Eastern Oslo by Henning Sunde/RODEO and Kjell Kalland/Hav Eiendom
11:00 AM Project: Arild Eriksen/Fragment

11:30 AM Q&A
11:45 AM Break

12:15 PM Does participation work by Bengt Andersen/OsloMet
12:45 PM Discussion by Susan Brockett/Plan og prosess
1:30 PM Ending by Bente Florelius

Oslo arkitektforening (OAF) is a local association in the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL). The event is arranged by OAF Senior.