Party Seminar

Art in city and neighbourhood development

Welcome to a seminar on art in the age of urban development!

  • This event is finished
  • Location: Meet up at the former post office in the Økern Centre
  • Organiser: 

    The City of Oslo Art Collection and KORO (Art in Public Space)

This seminar looks at ongoing projects in Oslo and other cities, discussing what function art can and should have in urban development and how art can contribute to better neighbourhoods.

Art is an indisputable part of urban environments across the world, Oslo no exception. Art is placed in public and private urban spaces, in parks and residential areas, and connected to institutions in society. Whereas art previously had a decorative role, it increasingly contributes to the development of the city.

Contributors in the seminar:

* James Binning /Assemble
* Mia Habib
* Lars Ø. Ramberg
* The Artist Housing Federation
* Mari F. Sundet / The City of Oslo Art Collection
* Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk / The City of Oslo Art Collection
* Truls Ramberg / KORO (Art in Public Space)


Part 1

09:15 AM–10:00 AM: Coffee and registration
10:00 AM–10:15 AM: Welcome by ØSANS, Welcome by KUL and KORO
10:15 AM–11:00 AM: Mari F. Sundet introduces the project and Oslo's art investment
11:05 AM–12:00 PM: Presentation of report
12:00 PM–1:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM–1:30 PM: Truls Ramberg
1:35 PM–2:05 PM: Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk presents best practices
2:05 PM–2:30 PM: Break / serving

Del 2

2:30 PM–3:30 PM: Lars Ø. Ramberg presents/panel discussion (post office)
3:45 PM–4:45 PM: Mia Habib presents/panel
5:00 PM–6:00 PM: The Artist Housing Federation presents/panel discussion

Del 3

6:00 PM–11:00 PM: Party!

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