Co-creation in Lohavn

Explore a hidden gem on the water front, where a new meeting place is being built!

  • This event is finished
  • Location: Lohavn, next to Sørenga. Havnepromenaden, infopunkt 13.
  • Organiser: 

    Spireverket and UngNorge

Join us for a day filled with activities, experiments, colours, and creativity!

Lohavn is an area undergoing massive transformation. Today, UngNorge has two colourful shipping containers, a jetty, and a charming ball pit in Lohavn.

The job training and activity program Spireverket explores how co-creation can be used as a tool to map people’s needs, which again can be used when designing a place for (and by) its users. The main target group so far has been young people, but now it’s open to everyone – both young and old.

Lohavn's possibilities are explored through activities in design, craft, and construction. You can help shape the identity of the meeting place. UngNorge offers fjord sightseeing by boat during the day.

Spireverket provides a hot charcoal grill and fire pit – feel free to bring food!

The event takes place outside, dress for the occation.

To sign up: Follow @Spireverket on Instagram and send a DM: I'm coming October 5!

About Spireverket:

Spireverket is run by the design and architecture office MakersHub, a community that takes social responsibility and meets today's social challenges with action. MakersHub's aim is to lift people out of loneliness, create a sense of accomplishment and initiate meaningful projects through participation and co-creation.

Spireverket offers job training for young adults aged 18–25, who, for various reasons are without a job or education, creating a meaningful everyday life, and a stepping stone for young people to be included in working life.

Foto Spireverket