Conversation Seminar Conference

International Opening Seminar

Exploring the theme of the 8th Oslo Architecture Triennale with a focus on urban leadership

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  • Location: The former Edvard Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
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    Oslo Architecture Triennale

The opening seminar of the 8th Oslo Architecture Triennale sets the scene for the festival opening with an international perspective on the Triennale’s theme Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming communities.

The seminar features presentations from internationally acclaimed urban practitioners and thinkers that have been invited to give their perspective on how to bring about more sustainable, diverse and thriving neighbourhoods. The seminar explores connections between urban form – the physical planning and design of neighbourhoods – and the urban life at a neighbourhood scale: the content of the built environment.

Presentations and discussions with amongst others

  • Prof. Carlos Moreno, Paris’ Special Envoy for Smart Cities,
  • Martha Thorne, Dean of IE University of Madrid,
  • Architect and artist Peter Cook
  • Finn Williams, City Architect, Malmö stad
  • Katja Lindroos, Co-founder of Nordic Citymaking Week
  • Halvor Ellefsen, Associate professor, Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

The seminar discusses questions like: How can we rethink processes and methods to make urban areas more diverse and socially and environmentally sustainable? How do we rethink urban leadership that takes community and neighbourhoods seriously? What are the drivers of systems change?

The seminar includes a tour of the triennale exhibitions and a chance to meet many of the contributors.

Limited seats available. Please sign up here.

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