HOW is an installation, an exhibition and a moving dance performance that can be experienced outdoors at Økern.

  • This event is finished
  • Location: Økern Sub way station
  • Organiser: 

    The City of Oslo Art Collection, Mia Habib Productions, Art I Public Space Norway and Kloden Teater

We build. We dance. We rave. We build more. We camouflage. We build down. We vibrate. We build out. We disappear.

In collaboration with urbanist Namik Mackic, students of construction from the Oslo vocational Schools and Counterfactual, choreographer and dancer Mia Habib has created a project that challenges our experience of one of the city's most important areas of transformation. Mia Habib Productions has also invited sound designer Jassem Hindi, light designer Ingeborg Olerud, visual artist Trond Solberg and dancers Jean-Baptiste Baele, Harald Andreas Beharie, Mia Habib, Charlott Madeleine Utzig and Nina Wollny whom you will meet in HOW at ØKERN!

The event is free, but has limited places, reserve your ticket here, and follow the event on Facebook.


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