Neighbourhood Streets

Can Oslo become a role model for future urban development and mobility solutions?

Streets and roads form our greatest continuous public space. Oslo is a pioneer city when it comes to the development of car-free urban areas. However Oslo has a long way to go before it reach its climate targets and ambitions for a truly diverse and generous city. How can streets and roads be used in a more optimal way? Can we create a greener city with fewer cars and better urban qualities? How can Oslo become a role model for future urban development and mobility solutions?

This conference focuses on the connection between mobility and neighbourhood development, presenting a vision for the future Oslo, where new mobility and urban quality makes cars as means of transportation less attractive.

The speakers are:

  • Jan Gehl, founder of Gehl Architects and internationally reknowned author of a number of books on urban life, like the classic Life between buildings (1971)
  • Hanna Marcussen, counselor for urban development, City of Oslo
  • Iwan Thompson, landscape architect and partner in architectural practice Lala Tøyen
  • Jakob Steen Christensen, partner in JAJA Architects
  • Johannes Goa Ludvigsen, director of strategy and innovation in Sweco
  • Christian Pagh, director, Oslo Architecture Triennale
  • Helge Gidske Naper, mobility planner, Sweco
  • Maja Cimmerbeck, department manager, Bymiljøetaten
  • Ellen Foslie, senior advisor, Statens Vegvesen
  • Connie Anita Nyhaven, project director Bane NOR Eiendom
  • Aud Tennøy, research leader, Transportøkonomisk institutt
  • Kathrine Omnia Strøm, lecturer NMBU
  • Andreas Fadum Haugstad, project manager Bykuben
  • Ola Skar, leader for area and transport, Ruter
  • Rikke Sjøhelle, sociology student NTNU
  • Sigrd Teigen, architecture student NTNU

The conference will launch the vision «The Street as Neighbourhood», developed in collabration between Oslo Architecture Triennale, JAJA Architects, Lala Tøyen and Sweco, and with support and input from The City of Oslo's Urban Environment Agency, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Bane NOR Eiendom, Ruter and Bilkollektivet.

The project is part of the Triennale exhibition «Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities», as a part of the theme «Our Streets».

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