Project Presentation

The Future of Grønlikaia 1

Join us when the proposals for the future neighbourhood on Grønlikaia are revealed!

  • This event is finished
  • Location: The former Edvard Munch museum, Tøyengata 53
  • Organizer: 

    Hav Eiendom, Oslo Havn

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You are invited to the presentation of the 16 interdisciplinary visions for Grønlikaia. This is the result of a commission launched in spring 2022.

On Tuesday 27 September, Team Norconsult, Team Aart and Team Asplan Viak will present their proposals for the Kongshavn North Zone, Team Transborder, Team Vandkunsten and Team MER Arkitektur will present their proposals for the Munkehagen Zone, and Team Haptic, Team Helen & Hard and Team LPO will present their proposals for the Grønlikilen Zone.

The developer Hav Eiendom is finalizing the zoning plan for Grønlikaia, the last part of the former harbour area of Bjørvika not yet transformed. A new urban area will be built here with around 1,500 new homes and 3-4,000 workplaces, cafes, and shops, 1 kilometre of new harbour promenade along the waterfront, open areas, streets, squares, etc. In total, there will be approx. 208,000 m2 of new construction.

With the assistance of Rodeo architects, Hav Eiendom have carried out extensive analysis, and participatory and sustainability surveys. Learning from the preceding development projects around Fjordbyen the aim is to create a plan that responds to new needs. The project has ambitions when it comes to both social and ecological sustainability, aiming to be a district which is good for both people, nature, and planet.

The proposals will also be exhibited in the old Munch Museum during the Triennale, as part of the exhibition Oslo in the Making.