Party Seminar Exhibition Opening

Drammen in the making

A half-day seminar on neighbourhoods in Drammen

  • Location: Strømsø in Drammen (Tangenkaia)
  • Organizer: 

    DRMA and Dyrvik Arkitekter

Norway's challenges are visible in Drammen: The city by the river is threatened by climate change and increased rainfall, by rising inequality, by large scale integration of new citizens, and an aging population. When fossil fuels run out, what then?

These questions are highly relevant in Drammen's neighbourhood of Inner Strømsø, which has the city's lowest average income, highest percentage of minorities, and the highest unenmployment rate. At the same time, the future of Norway is neighbourhoods like Inner Strømsø.

Here, you'll find some of Drammen's largest transformation areas. These areas are being planned now and will affect the city's future development. It's a critical point in the history of Drammen, and the choices made here and now will fundamentally define the future of the city and its neighbourhoods.

Take the second part of your work day in Drammen, and get an update on the ongoing city and neighbourhood delevopment. Neighbourhood exhibition opening and food. After the seminar, there'll be a local drinks, nore food and party at Skur 7, Tangenkaia.

1PM–2PM exhibition opening
2PM–5PM lectures, presentations, debates
5PM–6:30PM beer and food
7PM–11PM party, music and entertainment

Welcome to Drammen!