Launch Seminar

The Historical Neighbourhood

What can we learn from the neighbourhoods of the past?

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  • Location: The former Edvard Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
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    Oslo Architecture Triennale

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This evening seminar examines neighbourhoods in a historical perspective, i.e. different ideas and types of neighbourhoods through the ages.

As a Neighbourhood Lab, the Triennale focuses mainly on neighbourhoods of today and tomorrow. However, there are many lessons to be learned from history. Many of today's well-established and attractive neighbourhoods came about under completely different conditions than today.

What are the qualities of a historic residential area like Torshov that make it so attractive today, 100 years later? What lessons can we learn from the last century's urban development, from the Garden City movement to satellite cities?

These questions and more will discussed by professionals in the fields of architecture, cultural heritage, and architectural history. There will presentations by Anne-Kristine Kronborg (OBOS), Karl-Otto Ellefsen (AHO), Janne Wilberg (Byantikvaren), Saher Sourouri (Arkitekturopprøret) and Even Smith Wergeland (AHO). The event will also see the release of Smith Wergeland's book on Norwegian garden cities, titled Norwegian Garden Cities: Yesterday, Today – and Tomorrow?

Anne-Kristine Kronborg (OBOS) is an Art Historian, the housing cooperative OBOS’ inhouse "house historian".

Karl-Otto Ellefsen is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Urbanism and Landscape at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, where he served as Dean from 2002–2014.

Janne Wilberg is Director of Cultural Heritage City, City of Oslo.

Even Smith Wergeland is an Associate Professor at The Department of Architecture at The School of Architecture and Design in Oslo.

Saher Sourouri is a psychologist, speaker and blogger, and spokesman for the Architectural Uprising (Arkitekturopprøret)

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