Conversation Launch

Book release with Marcel Smets

Urbanist Marcel Smets launches his new book “The Urban Project”

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  • Location: Nabolagsbiblioteket på Gamle Munch, Tøyengata 53
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    Norwegian Urbanism AHO, Norsk Bolig og byplanforening (BOBY)

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How does the “urban project” restructure preexisting urban fabric to accommodate for new needs? Marcel Smets is professor emeritus in KU Leuven, former president of Europan as well as being the former State Architect in Belgium. Throughout his career he has been working with the transformation of complex city structures through strategic forms of planning based on the urban project, adapting existing city areas to address and solve urban challenges of our time.

His new book gives a vocabulary and insight into the elements of the urban project and city form.

- Marcel Smets, Architect, urbanist, Professor Emeritus KU Leuven
- Halvor Weider Ellefsen, Norwegian Urbanism, Institute of landscape and urbanism, AHO
- Tone Selmer Olsen, LaLa Tøyen
- Marja Skotheim Folde, Leader of the Norwegian planning assosiation (NBOBY), Institute of landscape and Urbanism, AHO
- Giambatista Zaccariotto, Institute of landscape and urbanism, AHO