Kaleidoscope NO


The project is developed by Kaleidoscope Nordic in collaboration with Smedsvig landscape architects for housing developer BOB.

Sissel Brattfjord, Project leader.

Sissel is Project developer at BOB, and has worked on a number of housing projects at Damsgård in Bergen, and with alternative forms of housing and housing models.

Silje Klepsvik, Lead Architect.

Silje is Architect MNAL, CEO and Partner in Kaleidoscope Nordic. She is a rigorous designer trained in developing innovative, future-oriented architecture that challenges conventions. She has a special emphasis on regenerative design and future forms of living.

Hege Kongshaug, Architect MNAL, Kaleidoscope Nordic.

Lars Clementsen Pedersen, Director of Property development, BOB.

Inger Hageberg, Landscape Architect MNLA, Smedsvig landskapsarkitekter.

Janis Vagolins, Landscape Architect, Smedsvig landskapsarkitekter.

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