The Croydon Urban Room is a project led by the Croydon Placemaking team Anisha Jogani, Hannah Martin, Taylor Steel and Kate Riggs, who are part of the Spatial Planning, Growth Zone and Regeneration department of the local municipality in south London. The 2019 Pilot project also included past members of Croydon’s Spatial Planning department.

Croydon Placemaking is an award winning, multidisciplinary team of built environment practitioners working from strategic policy & masterplans through to detailed design and delivery of public projects. The team sits within the local municipality’s Spatial Planning, Growth Zone and Regeneration service and works across urban planning and design, architecture and landscape design, research, public engagement, public realm, public art and culture, heritage and conservation.

The team’s work has been highlighted in the Farrell Review as an exemplar for best practice in ‘proactive planning’, emphasising the unique role it plays in providing a range of design and placemaking services to internal & external clients including serving wider local communities. The team has gained recognition for innovative approaches to planning, design and regeneration with several awards, including for the Croydon Urban Room.

The team has gained recognition for innovative approaches to planning, design and regeneration, including the New London Architecture Meanwhile Award for the ongoing Meanwhile Croydon programme (2019), a Planning Award for Planning for Increased Housing Delivery for the Suburban Design Guide SPD (2019), Highly Commended Planning Award for the Croydon Urban Room (2020) and a joint Planning award for Planning Permission of the Year for 101 George Street (2019) - the tallest modular building in the world and a gateway into Croydon’s emerging cultural quarter. The Urban Room project has been highly commended in the UK Planning Awards 2020 for stakeholder engagement in planning & highly commended in the New London Architecture Awards 2020.

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