Atelier for Byers Rum

Knud Aarup Kappel – Architect MAA
Lauge Floris Larsen – Architect MAA

The studio works with holistic city and urban space programming, architecture and transformation of places. Involvement of local citizens is an architectural cornerstone, and the existing buildings are where the design studio takes its point of departure. Professional focus and reference is created by listening, visiting and communicating accessible. In all processes and phases, the design studio strives to challenge current architecture and urban planning.

Aslak Vibæk – Visual artist
Peter Døssing – visual artist

Time, movement, creationism, disappearance, proximity and distance. These are words that can be associated with the artist duo AVPD. They started in 1997 and their work ranges between subject, object and context and includes installations and artworks which, through a minimal and conceptual approach, address quasi-scientific and phenomenological investigations of how we experience the world and how we are affected by the world.

DSA ARK Studio

Nils Jeppe Hansen – Architect MAA
Jørgen Taxholm – Architect MAA

The design studio works with inclusive architectural transformation with an emphasis on human movement patterns and spatiality. Since the office was established in 1990, they have carried out new construction, but primarily acquired extensive experience in the renovation, conversion and extension of heritage buildings. An area that requires empathy and respect to build historical values ​​as well as a sense of combining existing architecture with contemporary needs.

Olivia Toftum
Olivia Toftum – MA in literature

Olivia Toftum (born 1989) has an MA in literature with a specialization in architecture and atmosphere. She works in an interdisciplinary field between art, architecture and science and has, among other things, been co-organizer of the Klima&Litteratur festival, curatorial assistant on the Danish contribution to the Venice Biennale 2021 and currently works at 3XN.