Oslo arkitekturtriennale 2022: Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities

September 22–October 30.

The 8th edition of the Oslo Architecture Triennale was formulated as a collective mission, gathering different actors to join the ambition of creating a better, more diverse, generous and sustainable neighbourhood development.

The six intense Triennale weeks included exhibitions, conversations, experiments, art projects, guided tours, film screenings, debates, conferences and much more.

The heart of the Triennale was a large, open pop-up laboratory, exhibition space and culture house at the former Munch Museum in Tøyen, Oslo. In the Oslo Neighbourhood Lab we explored the neighbourhood theme further, presenting a number of projects, practices and perspectives particularly adressing issues in Oslo and the Nordic countries. The lab was the result of a collective endeavour starting in 2021, realised in collaboration with public and private institutions and organisations and many engaged individuals. Almost 10,000 people visited our pop-up Neighbourhood Lab to see exhibitions, attend differend events or simply hang out in the neighbourhood café.

Altogether some 23,000 people visited events and exhibitions at the Oslo Neighbourhood Lab and around the city of Oslo. The Triennale explored neighbourhood(s) as form – but also as reform, that is the systems that constitute the fundament of how neighbourhood are managed and developed. How can these processes be improved through design, architecture and planning? Architects, urbanists, developers, politicians, activists, artists and neighbours were invited to answer this, and the 51 days of programme saw 80 events taking place at 30 different veunes, featuring 509 contributors from 26 different countries.

Building up towards the 2022-edition the Oslo Architecture Triennale established the Nordic Neighbourhood Lab as a platform for strategic and culturally aware urban development. The lab is a framework for many explorative activities, constituting a Nordic professional netwoek and platform for sharing of knowledge, and includes City Architects, cultural actors and academics from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Helsinki and Reykjavik. As part of this lab work several projects of a kind that the Triennale has not tradionally worked with has seen the day of light: Through a partnership with the City District of Stovner we hosted a mini competition for the development of a meeting point in the neighbourhood of Vestli; along with Sweco, Jaja Architects, Lala Tøyen as well as contributions from several public transport key actors, a future vision for mobility, streets and neighbourhood quality in Oslo was made.

The book «Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communites» (Danish Architectural Press, 2023), edited by Triennale Director Christian Pagh and Head of Development Thomas Cook, with design by Snøhetta, continues the neighbourhood focus from the 2022-triennale, and includes contributions from a number of the people who contributed the Triennale exhibitions and programme, and who are part of the Nordic Neighbourhood Lab.