Nordic City Architects: Camilla van Deurs

The Nordic Neighbourhood Camp in April 2022 teamed up architects and cultural actors from the Nordics with local and national architects, developers, politicians and others working with cities and neighbourhoods. Amongst the key actors in the camp were the public City Architects from various Nordic cities, also engaged in the Triennale’s network Nordic Neighbourhood Lab. Camilla van Deurs is City Architect of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Published 15.01.24

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Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities

Nordic neighbourhood perspectives

This session during the Architecure Day 2022, National Association of Norwegian Architects' yearly conference, was curated by Oslo Architecture Triennale, and discussed Nordic perspectives on neighbourhood, focusing on neighbourhoods and the role of the City Architect in Nordic cities. In the conversation: Adnan Harambasic (NAL), Anne Mette Boye (City Architect Aarhus), Finn Williams (City Architect Malmö), Borghildur Sturludottir (City of Reykjavík), Christian Pagh (Oslo Architecture Triennale).

Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities

The library: The third space and the neighbourhood

The architectural practices Lundhagem and Rodeo, part of the Triennale Guild, hosted a conversation on the libraries' role as a meeting place in the neighbourhood. A multidisciplinary panel discussed the value of identity-creating common spaces for the neighbourhood, centered on the library. The conversation was held at Oslo's former main library at Hammerborg.

Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities

The Street as Neighbourhood

In this key note lecture, Danish urbanist, architect and writer Jan Gehl, shares his thoughts on streets as a key element of neighbourhoods, after which the Triennale Director and Chief Curator Christian Pagh joins him for conversation. Language: Danish.