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(RE)acting/(EN)acting: Circularity and Architecture

The first session of a semester long series of discussion and knowledge exchange, following the AHO's Academy 2022 Triennale workshop

  • This event is finished
  • Location: A2 Sverre Fehn Auditorium, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design
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    The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

This evening the presentations and discussion panel will be centered around the theme of sustainability, circularity and architecture. The event brings together Philibert & Emmanuelle Déchelette (architects and co-founders of the Parisian office Déchelette Architecture) and Emile Deroose (senior architect at the Brussels-based office BC architects & studies) for a session of presentations and a panel discussion moderated by Andrea Pinochet (Associate professor at AHO) and Paul-Antoine Lucas (assistant professor at AHO).

Following the Oslo Architecture Triennale Academy 2022 workshop: (RE)acting/(EN)acting – Collective Dissidence, Reclaiming the Neighborhood, a series of discussion and knowledge exchange will occur at AHO throughout the fall.

During the first session, on the 27th of September, we will discuss with Philibert & Emmanuelle Déchelette and Emile Deroose how contemporary practices in Europe (RE)act to the current ecological crisis and (EN)act new scenarios redefining the future of the profession. With diverse approaches, methodologies and tactics, Déchelette (FR) and BC architects & studies (BE) engage with sustainability, materiality, design and construction in innovative ways. Whether it is through material development or physical experiments, they redefine our discipline and influence the reform of the construction industry. The link between architecture, material research and development initiated by the two offices feels increasingly relevant in the midst of today’s climate crisis. The recent discourse in architecture has been highlighting the need for a change of methods, processes and encouraging new ways of doing. This discussion seeks to highlight practices that have already implemented strategies addressing this pressing challenge.

By asking the guests to reflect on their works, inspirations, ambitions and methods, we want to question what it means today to design, build, imagine and formulate new ideals for contemporary and future societies. We want to understand what keeps them motivated and what interests them the most in today’s context of social, political, ecological and disciplinary uncertainty.

This event is part of the OAT Academy 2022: (RE)acting/(EN)acting – Collective Dissidence, Reclaiming the Neighborhood, an academic forum of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) for the Oslo Architecture Triennale, and of the Fall 2022 Guest Lecture Series at AHO.


Photo: Salem Mostefaoui