2016 OAT Embassy Rojava Flickr Res Prev 1

New World Embassy: Rojava. Art installation in the Oslo City Hall from the 2016 Triennale, "After Belonging". Photo: Oslo Architecture Triennale / Istvan Virag

Oslo Architecture Triennale is an ideal association formed by six main member organisations that also constitute the board: Oslo School of Architecture and design (AHO), Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), Oslo arkitektforening (OAF), The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL), the National Museum – Architecture and Oslo Business Region.

The board has the following members in 2022: Chairman Erling Dokk Holm (external), Ole Gustavsen (AHO), Tor Inge Hjemdal (DOGA), Siri Jæger Brudvik
(Oslo arkitektforening), Kari Bucher (NAL), Martin Braathen (the National Museum) and Siw Andersen (Oslo Business Region).

The Triennale is financed through public support from the City of Oslo and State Culture Council, members' fees and trough collaborations with partners and sponsors. See our yearly reports from 2013, 2016 og 2019.

The Triennale is supported and co-produced with a list of members and partners - see the full list here.

Oslo Architecture Triennale is a member of Balansekunst (The Art of Balance) promoting gender equality and diversity in the arts.

The Triennale has had the following editions since 2000:

2000: Ways of living
2003: Visions for the capital
2007: The Culture of Risk
2010: Man Made
2013: Behind the Green Door – Architecture and the desire for sustainability
2016: After Belonging – On Residence, In Residence and the Ways We Stay in Transit
2019: Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth